Dance + Video Technology

Dance 281 · Fall 2017

ROOM: CAC G021 (CAC Computer Lab - basement)
CLASS TIMES: Tue & Thu, 3:30 - 5:50 pm
CREDIT: 4 units
PROFESSOR: John Crawford <>
OFFICE HOURS: By appointment

Dance + Video Technology is an introduction to digital video technology in dance, with a particular focus on performance documentation. This is an experiential course including hands-on training in video production and editing. It surveys methods for integrating dance performance with the film medium, discusses related aesthetic and conceptual issues, and introduces current techniques and technologies for video and audio recording of dance performance. For dancers and choreographers, websites and videos featuring your work can help raise your profile with dance companies, producers and funding agencies, as well as providing a platform for you to reach new audiences. For dance teachers and scholars, effective use of video, audio, social media and the web can make an important contribution to your work in performing arts education and research.

Syllabus Due Dates Course Notes Course Resources Google+ Prof. Crawford

Assignment 6

The first version of your Dance Media website project is due Dec 7.

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Assignment 5

The rough cut of your Dance Documentary video project is due Dec 5.

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Assignment 4

Your Dance Documentary Proposal is a written project, due Nov 21. It can be individual or collaborative work.

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Nov 2

Before next class, review some filmmaking concepts and terminology.

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Oct 31

Your rehearsal video project is due Nov 9. You can bring a video cameras to class on Nov 2.

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Oct 26

You have a dance documentary remix video project due by the end of the day on Nov 2.

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Oct 24

You have an iMovie mini-assignment due Oct 26.

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Oct 17

We're getting started with iMovie. You have a tutorial viewing assignment due Oct 24.

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Oct 12

Your assigned reading and viewing on remix is due Oct 26.

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Oct 10

Your Google+ mini-assignment is due Oct 17 and your "Digital Double" Position Paper is due Oct 24.

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Oct 5

You have a dance documentary viewing assignment due Oct 12 and you'll need a portable external hard drive for the course.

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Using Google+

Follow these steps to set up your profile and begin using UCI Google Plus (Google+) for this course.

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Oct 3

Welcome to Dance & Video Technology! You have assigned reading due Oct 10.

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