Intermedia Projects

Dance 287 / Informatics 295 · Winter 2018

ROOM: AITR 190 (#714 on the UCI map)
CLASS TIMES: Wed, 3:30 - 5:50 pm
CREDIT: 4 units
PROFESSOR: John Crawford <>
OFFICE HOURS: By appointment

NOTE: Register either for DANCE 287 (cc 02799) or IN4MATX 295 (cc 37097), not both

Intermedia Projects is a transdisciplinary experiential graduate course jointly offered by Arts and Informatics. Students work in small teams to develop experimental projects that intersect arts, design and technology through collaborative multimodal creation, with a "work-in-progress" showing of results at the end of the quarter. Projects will engage artistic creation, design thinking and technology development, enabled by 21st-century methods including interactivity, immersion, augmented/virtual reality, gaming platforms, social media connectivity, etc.

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