Live Streaming Performance

Course Syllabus

Dance 287/193 @ UC Irvine

Winter 2021
  • CLASS TIME: Fri, 2:00 - 3:20 pm (seminar); Fri, 3:30 - 4:50 pm (lab)
  • LOCATION: Virtual Remote
  • PROFESSOR: John Crawford
  • CREDIT: 2 units (seminar only); 4 units (seminar and lab)

An introduction to live video and audio streaming for online performance. With recent advances in online technologies, anyone with a smartphone and a social media account can stream live events at low or no cost. This course goes beyond the basics to introduce a range of different live streaming platforms and explore their potential for supporting live performance. It’s suitable for graduate and undergraduate students in any performing arts discipline.

A weekly seminar introduces various streaming platforms and discuss techniques for creating live performances in the streaming environment. The seminar also includes hands-on experience with creating live streams on different platforms. In the weekly lab sessions, students work on a series of experimental projects that intersect arts, design and technology through collaborative multimodal creation. No previous technology experience is required.

Students can enroll in the seminar only (2 units), or in the seminar plus the lab (4 units). Everyone will participate in a “work-in-progress” showing of results at the end of the quarter.

Live streaming performance platforms and systems to be covered are expected to include YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, OBS, Livestream Studio and Streamyard. Others may be added on request.

Grad students should register for Dance 287. Undergrad students should register for Dance 193.


No prerequisites.

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Attendance Policy

Full attendance is a requirement of this course, and you are expected to always be present for the entire class meeting time. Successful completion of this course depends on your active participation during class as well as full commitment to the written assignments and all the work you create for this course. If you need to miss a class, arrive late, or leave early, it’s your responsibility to notify the professor in advance, preferably by email. Unexcused absences will affect your grade, except in cases of severe illness or emergency.