Welcome to Motion Capture! These notes cover some basic information to help you get started with the course. Looking forward, I’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss your work in this course. My office hours are by appointment. To set up a meeting, email me a brief note regarding what you want to discuss, including some available dates and times.

Assignments & Workload

Refer to the course syllabus for the schedule of the three overlapping modules for this course. The performance/technology experiments assigned for each module will require a significant amount of work outside class time. There will also be reading and viewing assigned, and the workload will vary throughout the quarter, with some weeks being much heavier than others. It’s important to organize your workload to leave sufficient flexibility in your schedule to get your assigned work completed on time. Full attendance is a requirement of this course, and you are expected to always be present for the entire class meeting time. See the course syllabus for details on the attendance policy.

Course Email

You are required to use your UCI email address (e.g. yourname@uci.edu) for this course. I’ll be sending all course-related email to that address, not to any other email address you might have. You can automatically forward copies of your incoming UCI email to a different address using the procedure shown in class. Keep in mind that it might take me much longer to respond to any email messages sent from a non-UCI address. I get a lot of email and have to prioritize reading the messages that I know are from UCI students.

Any email messages that you send to the course mailing list at mocap-s17@classes.uci.edu (registered students only) will be forwarded automatically to me and all students in the course. You must email from your UCI email address. Course mailing list messages are archived on EEE in the Dance 265 or 193 ClassMail Manager section.

Computer Labs

There are two computer labs available for your use when not booked for courses. CAC G021 is in the hallway just up the stairs from the Performance Capture Studio and there is another computer lab on the third floor, CAC 3006. Both labs have dual boot Mac/Windows computers. The course schedules are posted in the computer labs.