Which Version?

Apple has released several versions of Final Cut over the years. While some of the information here is applicable to all versions, many of the details might differ between versions. The usage details presented on this page are customized for Final Cut Pro X, version 10.3 (abbreviated as FCP X). Documentation for other versions of Final Cut can be found on Apple’s website. Use the About menu to see which version of Final Cut you’re running.

Keep in mind that FCP X project files might not be backward compatible betwen versions. That is, if you edit a project on one computer using version 10.3, you might not later be able to edit the same project on a different computer using a previous version.

Get Started with Final Cut Pro

Here are some of the basic techniques and concepts you’ll need to get started with FCP X. The links in this section refer to the FCP X version 10.3 online documentation pages at http://help.apple.com/finalcutpro/mac/10.3. You also can view this information under the Help menu in FCP X. Apple’s Final Cut Pro X Resources page has links to more learning options.

FCP X interface & concepts

Import media

Organize your media

Create a project & add clips

Arrange & edit your clips

Add effects & transitions

Using audio

Share your project