Dance 264

ROOM: CAC G021 (CAC Computer Lab - basement)
CREDIT: 4 units
PROFESSOR: John Crawford <>
OFFICE HOURS: By appointment

This course is an introduction to screendance for choreographers. Also known as dance film, cinedance, videodance and/or dance for the camera, screendance connects film (and filmmaking) with dance (and dancemaking) in an evolving hybrid performative practice. Embodied experience is mediated by cameras, computers and related technologies to create screen-based experiences that open up new possibilities for investigating movement in relation to space and time. In this course, a series of brief studies and a final screendance project will provide an experiential framework for exploring a range of aesthetic and conceptual issues, as well as opportunities for hands-on skill development with current tools. Students will view and discuss screendance works by a variety of artists, read a selection of current scholarship in the field and write several short response papers.

Syllabus Course Notes Prof. Crawford


Welcome to Screendance! Today's notes cover some basic information to help you get started.

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