Online Showcase

This is an online showcase of student work from Screendance and Motion Tracking for Performance, two courses taught by Professor John Crawford at UC Irvine in Spring 2021. The Motion Tracking course was co-listed with Intermedia Composition, a course in the Music Department taught by Professor Professor Mari Kimura.

Dance 164: Screendance
2:00 PM PDT

This showing features new work by:
Hannah Albin
Piper Bockstahler
Summer Cantrell
Natalia Chambers
Claire Goldes
Amecie Lublin
Bridget Nagel
Katie Pierce
Alyssa Rubio
Freya Starks
Sophia Vangelatos
Michaela Wong

Dance 287/193: Motion Tracking for Performance
FRIDAY JUNE 11, 2021
2:00 PM PDT

This showing features new work by:
Tamer Abdo
Nazanin Alaghemand
Jiryis Ballan
Summer Cantrell
Katerina Christhilf
Steven Lewis
Matthew Nelson
Lauren Onufryk
Katie Pierce
Milena Raeber
Whitney Schmanski

This is an online showcase of student work from Dance & Video and Live Streaming Performance, two courses taught by Professor John Crawford at UC Irvine in Winter 2021. In three sessions, students showed their work and discussed their creative process. See below for recordings and session details.

Dance 287/193: Live Streaming | Part 1
4:00 PM PDT
Open Articulations by Whitney Schmanski with Matthew Bejtlich

Two friends living on opposite coasts synchronize their ritualistic musical and movement improvisations, creating a playful bridge of connection and active listening within their landscapes.

Touching Away, Alone, Transforming by Paloma Perez-Rojas with Emma Welter and Paula Perez-Rojas

A trio unmet doesn't really meet. Instead, experience one another in the limits of the static placement of their partner, on a nearby table. At the same time, all are freed by the familiarity of their own space and privacy of the limited camera lens. They wed in sound while the eyes busy the canvas and eyes as the movers dance and sing.

The Will by Aliya Kerimujiang with Paloma Perez-Rojas

I am on my way to die, and so I dance while I can. I practice movement and so I become patterns of sensations and response through my animal body. Dance with me, while we can.

Dance 287/193: Live Streaming | Part 2
3:15 PM PDT
Two Spaces One Song: an Experiment with Musical Latency by Lauren Onufryk with Chelsea Carlson

Two musicians, located at different points on the east coast, test the limits of live stream performance through a musical duet. Defying musical conventions, they present a new way of performance that is ideal for the virtual world.

Dance 281: Dance & Video
4:00 PM PDT
A Modern Murray by James Murray

James Murray (a Modern Murray), introduces; himself, New York City, and modern dance techniques, in a promotional video, aimed to get folks to register for his modern dance class, held virtually, at UC Irvine in the Spring of 2021.

Totem by Sing Yiun Ng

A dancer dancing in nature, searching for the connections with nature and embracing inner spiritual-self.

Yom Elsawad by Tamer Abdo

A short film inspired by my grandmother's imagination. As a child, when it snowed, she described it as Earth's wedding day due to the white and cleanliness. I am now changing this image to Earth's black wedding day in the context of dark.

Homecoming by Anna Medina

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into 2021, a group of young dancers return to their hometown studios and reunite with their friends, causing a shift of perspective when it comes to dance and relationships.

The Wandering by Kelly McGill

A dance for film project which utilizes perspective and unique camera angles to capture movement in natural outdoor locations in Orange County, California. The goal of this work is to capture the physical beauty of an outdoor environment while simultaneously presenting movement in a way that is visually intriguing and effective on camera.

The Truth About My Shoes by Ashley L. Jones

A native Angeleno works within the dance industry after giving up a lucrative corporate career. We follow her throughout her many roles as a student, dancer, educator, choreographer and leader as she questions her lifestyles choices and if other with big dreams should be told the truth about these shoes.

Going Here by Whitney Schmanski

Accompanied by a quirky waltz, a woman with exaggerated facial expressions and gestural movement communicates an awkward, isolated, and manic movement sequence in interaction with colorful buttons. The film, minimal in environment, explores the elements of isolation, boredom, curiosity and instinct.